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BEST Places to Stay in Taiwan for First Timers: 2024 Hotel Guide

Want to know where are the best places to stay in Taiwan for first timers?

If you’re planning your first trip to Taiwan, you’re in for a treat. Taiwan is a bustling city with a rich cultural heritage, modern attractions, and delicious food. It’s one of our favorite countries.

In this ultimate Taiwan hotel guide, we’ve carefully chosen the best hotels and hostels in Taiwan to fit your travel budget. This travel guide is more detailed than our best places to stay in Singapore article, so read on.

All of these hotel recommendations are good for 2 people. This means if you’re a solo traveler, the hotel prices you see here can even be cheaper. Let’s dive right in!

Which part of Taiwan is best to stay?

As we’ve been to Taiwan for 4x already as tourists, Mirai and I find that the best part of Taiwan to stay is at Taipei.

Taipei offers a unique blend of old and new, and there’s always something to see and do. Some of the top attractions in Taipei include the Taipei 101 skyscraper, the National Palace Museum, the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall, and the Longshan Temple.

Taipei is also a great place to try traditional Taiwanese cuisine, including bubble tea, high tea, stinky tofu, and beef noodle soup. The night markets in Taipei are a must-visit for foodies, with stalls selling everything from grilled squid to fried chicken.

4 Best Places to Stay in Taipei for First-Timers

Every time we travel to Taipei, here are the areas we stay at since they’re so convenient and tourist-friendly.

1. Taipei Main Station

Best place for: Families, couple travelers and tourists who want to explore Taipei and other parts of Taiwan

Looking for the best area to stay in Taipei for first timers?

Taipei Main Station area is an excellent transportation hub and a convenient location for tourists to stay. It has access to the city’s MRT system, trains, buses, and taxis, so it’s easy to explore Taipei and other parts of the country.

Best Places to Stay in Taipei Main Station

Taipei Sunny Hostel

Price: ₱‎2,500+/night ($45/night)

Guests review:

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Via Hotel Taipei Station

Price: ₱‎3,500+/night ($62/night)

Guests review:

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2. Ximending

Best place for: Solo travelers, backpackers, foodies, tourists who love watching street performances and shoppers

best places to stay in taiwan ximending

We personally love staying near Ximending because we can just walk from our hotel to Ximending area at night whenever we want to try out their famous milk tea shops, yummy Taiwan hotpots and popular noodle shops.

As the best district in Taipei, Ximending is also known as a shopping paradise, with numerous shops and boutiques selling everything from trendy clothes to unique souvenirs.

You’ll find several malls, department stores, and street vendors, all within walking distance from your hotel.

Best Places to Stay in Ximending

Roaders Hotel Zhonghua

This is where Mirai and I stayed at for our Feb 2023 trip to Taiwan, and it was AMAZING. We highly recommend this — in fact, we’ll stay here again! 🙂

Price: ₱‎3,500+/night ($62/night)

Guests review:

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Ximen Wow Hostel

Price: ₱1,500+/night ($28/night)

Guests review:

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3. Xinyi District

Best place for: Luxury travelers, families, and high-end shoppers

If you want to know where to stay in Taipei for shopping, your best option is at Xinyi district.

It’s known for its world-class shopping, dining, and entertainment. Here, you’ll find some of the largest and most luxurious malls in Taipei, such as Taipei 101 Mall, Breeze Nan Shan, and Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Xinyi Place.

Plus, this area is home to Taipei 101, one of the tallest skyscrapers in the world. It’s also filled with trendy bars, clubs, and lounges, making it a hot spot for locals and tourists alike.

Best Place to Stay in Xinyi District

amba Taipei SongShan

Price: ₱5,500+/night ($100/night)

Guests review:

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4. Da’an District

Best place for: Families, foodie travelers and visitors of popular Taiwan night markets

Foodies, listen up: Da’an district is a food lover’s dream come true.

It’s known for its diverse culinary scene, with everything from traditional street food to high-end restaurants. No matter what kind of food you’re in the mood for, for breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner, you’ll find it in Da’an.

Da’an District is home to authentic beef noodle soups, shaved ice, fried chicken cutlet and the original branch of Din Tai Fung, a Michelin-star Chinese restaurant that specializes in soup dumplings and noodles.

Best Place to Stay in Daan District

Dandy Hotel Daan Branch

Price: ₱5,000+/night ($90/night)

Guests review:

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Which is the best area to stay in Taipei for first-timers?

If it’s your first time to Taipei and you only have a limited time to explore the city, it’s best to stay in Taipei Main Station or Ximending areas because they’re at the center of the city.

There’s always something good to do, or something yummy to eat at these 2 districts, so you’ll have lots of things to add to your Taiwan itinerary, even if you’re staying for only 3 nights.

Plus, they’re connected to the top tourist spots in Taipei so you can explore the city easily when you stay at Taipei Main Station or Ximending.

Top 3 hotels we recommend at Taipei Main Station or Ximending are:

And that’s it, folks! We hope this Taipei hotel guide helped you decide on where to stay in Taiwan’s capital for your upcoming trip. You’re so lucky for visiting it — it’s in the top 5 of our favorite countries. 🙂

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