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Henann Palm Beach Review [BEST Henann Resort in BORACAY?]

Do you want to know which the best Henann resort in Boracay?

In this Henann Palm Beach review, you’ll find out if this luxury hotel in Boracay is worth your money. Or if you’re better off booking other Henann hotels in Boracay instead.

Let’s get started.

Henann Palm Beach Review

For Mirai’s birthday celebration, we wanted to come out and go to Boracay together as a couple. 🙂

After looking for the best hotels in Boracay, we decided on Henann Palm Beach resort because of 3 reasons:

  1. It’s a beachfront property, so that meant we didn’t have to spend a lot of time going to the beach. Plus, we wanted to stroll around the beach at sunset, so this hotel seemed like the perfect place for it.
  2. We want a hotel that offers free breakfast already. It’s hard to decide on a breakfast first thing in the morning, so it’s better if there’s already a free breakfast that comes with our room. Much better if it’s a breakfast buffet.
  3. The hotel should be cheaper in Agoda — we went with Henann properties because they’re all available in Agoda, plus they’re more affordable when they’re listed there.

Actually, it was cheaper when we booked Henann Palm Beach in Agoda, too! We saved up to $45 (₱2,250) for a 5-night stay.

Read more below to see how you can book it for a more affordable price as well.

Price – Henann Boracay Promo

When we booked our stay via Agoda, our stay at Henann Palm Beach resort for 5 nights totaled to $360 (₱18,000).

It’s super affordable, considering that the hotel already provides free breakfast buffet and is a beachfront property.

If you book directly with the hotel, a 5-night stay will cost you $405 (₱20,265) — it’s more expensive.

That’s why we recommend that you book via Agoda instead to save money. Agoda usually has Henann Boracay promos that let you get huge discounts when you book with them.

👉 Click here to save up to $45 (₱2,250) your Henann Palm Beach resort booking!


Located in Station 2, White Beach, Boracay, Henann Palm Beach Resort is actually near to the famous Boracay tourist spots such as Real Coffee & Tea CafeCha Cha’s Beach Cafe and more.

Plus, as I’ve mentioned earlier, it’s a beachfront hotel so that means you only need to pass through the hotel’s restaurant for you to have access to Boracay’s beautiful white beach. It’s a quick one-minute walk, so it’s extremely convenient.


We booked our deluxe room via Agoda, so this helped us save $45 (₱2,250) in total. Awesome!

👉 Click here to save up to $45 (₱2,250) your Henann Palm Beach resort booking!

Because we checked in at peak season, we had a twin bed configuration since all the double beds are fully booked. This was fine because we slept in a single bed still. The “single” bed was quite spacious for the two of us anyway.

Our awesome room included the following features:

  • 1 single bed and 1 queen bed or 1 king bed
  • Room size: 38 m²/409 ft²
  • Pool view
  • Balcony/terrace
  • Separate shower/bathtub
  • Free Wi-Fi

I have to say, though, my favorite part of our room was the balcony! We had a nice view of the pool area, and it was serene every morning. It’s a great spot to drink your favorite coffee from, and enjoy a quick brunch with your special person.

I remember we even watched Netflix shows from this spot. 🙂

Too bad I wasn’t able to do journaling there because I had tendonitis when we went to Boracay, but when we come back as a couple, I’d love to stay here again and do my morning routine with Mirai at Henann Palm Beach resort’s balcony area.

Henann Palm Beach Amenities

Why did we say that Henann Palm is the best Henann resort in Boracay?

What made this resort stand out among the other Henann resorts in the area? It’s their list of value-for-money amenities, of course.

Swimming Pools

When we went to Boracay back in February 2021, Henann Palm Beach resort only had 2 active pools — even though the hotel’s supposed to have 3 swimming pools in total.

It was fine, though, because we still enjoyed the 2 pools. I love how chill, calm and relaxing the wing pool was.

Mirai and I took our time here, bonded with each other and spent quality time just enjoying each other’s company and having the best time of our lives. Henann Palm also had a bar and we saw other patrons drinking iced teas, cocktails and shakes while sunbathing.

Henann Sky Pool and Bar

I’d have to say Henann Palm’s Sky Bar is the #1 reason why we believe it’s the best Henann resort in Boracay.

Honestly, pictures won’t do you justice when I talk about Henann Palm Beach resort’s Sky Pool and Bar. That’s how FANTASTIC it was — you simply have to experience it yourself. I swear.

Imagine this…

You’ve got your favorite book, your shades and your phone as your partner and yourself go to the hotel’s Sky Pool which looks like this:

Here, you can easily order the drink you like — a watermelon smoothie — and read the book that you’ve been wanting to read for a while now.

Or, you can just order what you want to drink and then go ahead and watch that Netflix show you’ve saved on your phone for your vacation today.

All while sipping on your drink of choice and enjoying the Boracay beach view. Lovely.

We even cut our island hopping trip short just because Mirai and I wanted to enjoy Henann Palm Beach resort’s Sky Pool and Bar for a longer time. Lol. That’s how much we love it!

Seriously, I’d say book your stay at Henann Palm Beach just because of their Sky Pool and Bar. It’s really worth your money.

Plus, if you click here to book your stay, you even get to save up to $9/night so that’s better. 🙂

Free Breakfast at Henann Palm Beach

Oh my gosh, did you know that Mirai and I LOVE buffet restaurants?

It’s one of the reasons why we wanted to book at a Henann resort in Boracay. I think all Henann properties already include a free buffet breakfast with their rates, so it’s really value for money.

While we absolutely adore Hilton Manila’s breakfast buffet, sometimes, nothing beats eating with your partner at a beachfront restaurant — which is exactly what Henann Palm offered.

Also, Mirai loves eating in front on the beach (she says the waves are calming), so we enjoyed a leisure breakfast every morning we were staying at Henann Palm Beach.

Of course, make sure you arrive early so you can get a good view, okay?

We quite loved their hot chocolate that’s available in unlimited quantities — not to mention also the waffles, bacon, Filipino viands and tons of pastries. We were kidding that we regretted not bringing a ziplock with us.

We enjoyed eating our yummy breakfast and being seated right next to the beach. So this is what paradise feels like~

Beachfront Access

Since Henann Palm Beach resort is a beachfront property, it’s super easy to go to the White Beach.

Just go to the hotel’s restaurant area and go out — so it’s only a minute away from the beach.

Best Hotels in Boracay You Can Book

As much as possible, I tell all our loved ones to book via Agoda because you actually save more (according to my friend who works in a 5-star hotel!) 🙂

And this is true. Up until now, I still can’t believe we got to save $45 (₱2,250) just by booking in Agoda.

👉 Click here to save up to $45 (₱2,250) your Henann Palm Beach resort booking!

Aside from Henann Palm Beach resort, here are the other best-selling hotels in Boracay you can book in Agoda:

Henann Crystal Sands Resort

You can click the picture below to save lots of money by booking in Agoda.

Jony’s Beach Resort

You can click the picture below to save lots of money by booking in Agoda.

Hue Hotels and Resorts Boracay

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Want to check out other hotels that are worth your money? Here are the best places to stay in Boracay (beachfront hotels).

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