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HIGH TEA at Shangri-La The Fort: High Street Lounge Menu + REVIEW

shangrila afternoon tea review bgc

Are you interested to try out high tea at Shangri-La, The Fort in BGC, Manila?

In this afternoon tea review of Shangri-La’s High Street Lounge, we’ll share details on the hotel restaurant’s updated menu and also our personal experience of their high tea set during our visit.

Plus, you can also find out the price of the afternoon tea set, and you’ll see how you can get a discounted stay at Shangri-La, The Fort.

Let’s dive right in!

HIGH TEA at Shangri-La BGC – Review

lt’s Mirai’s birthday when we decided to head on over to Shangri-La The Fort for a much-deserved afternoon tea treat.

After all, my mom and I had a great experience when we visited a few years ago, so I figured, why not try out the hotel’s lobby lounge offerings with one of my favorite people in the world? 🙂

I messaged Shangri-La’s reservations team and they replied within minutes. I was able to book a table for us near the window — on the same day.

Upon arrival at the hotel’s lobby lounge, this magnificent view welcomed us and we were given the menu for High Street Lounge.

shangri la the fort manila review

High Street Lounge Menu

The lobby lounge of Shangri-La offers the following meals for its guests:

lobby lounge menu shangri-la

I was actually tempted to order Taiwanese Beef Noodles as well, but when I saw the afternoon tea set menu, I held back because it seemed a lot!

They also have drinks, if you’d like to chill and drink while bonding:


Take note that this High Street Lounge menu is updated as of this writing, so prices may change depending on when you visit the restaurant.

Here’s what the afternoon tea set of Shangri-La looked like when it arrived to our table:

afternoon tea set shangri la

We couldn’t wait to dig in!

Afternoon Tea Set at Shangri-La

Shangri-La BGC has their afternoon tea available from 2PM-5PM. We arrived at 2:12PM because we wanted plenty of time to savor our meal.

We waited around 20 minutes or so for our afternoon tea set, and let me tell you: the wait was worth it!

The first tier contained savory delights such as:

  • beetroot marinated gravlax
  • caprese bruschetta
  • salami artichoke
  • cream cheese and cucumber tea sandwich
shangri la afternoon tea review

The next tier has sweet treats such as:

  • latour cake slice
  • caramel hazelnut crunch
  • raspberry profiterole
  • razzle: raspberry mousse, vanilla mouse, red wine glaze

And of course, the traditional afternoon tea set wouldn’t be complete without the 3rd tier which had:

  • scones
  • bird’s nest cookie
  • scones served with raspberry marmalade and whipped cream
lobby lounge afternoon tea

Shangri-La Afternoon Tea Review

For our tea selections, we ordered Arabian Nights flavored tea and Green Tea with Jasmine. We loved the flavored tea we had that we regretted getting just one of it.

high tea at shangri-la

Since Mirai and I have tried out other afternoon tea sets from other hotels before, we couldn’t help but compare our experiences.

Personally, for the savory snacks, we adored Shangri-La’s gravlax on crostini and salami artichoke. They both paired nicely with our tea, and they both made us feel full right away 🙂

We also appreciated that this afternoon tea set offered different snacks with distinct tastes.

We’ve had a disappointing experience with other hotels before since they served us basically flimsy bread slapped on with jam and marketed it as “afternoon tea”, so it’s nice to experience Shangri-La’s carefully prepared snacks for a change.

For the second tier, Mirai especially enjoyed their caramel mousse with hazelnut crunch on top of it. It tasted a bit like gourmet leche flan. On the other hand, I loved their raspberry profiteroles. It’s light and airy, and just the right amount of sweetness.

Finally, the scones were yummy! They’re a bit more dense that what we’re used to, but still a delightful treat that went well with our tea.

Service of the Shangri-La High Street Lounge staff was decent. We were given water each time we asked for them, so it was fine, although it could have been better if servers were more hospitable. 🙂

Final Thoughts on Shangri-La BGC High Tea

How much was the afternoon tea set in Shangri-La?

The afternoon tea set in Shangri-La, The Fort cost ₱1,950 inclusive of all charges and local government taxes. Here’s their detailed afternoon tea set menu for your reference:

shangri-la bgc lounge menu

Was the price we paid for afternoon tea in Shangri-La BGC worth it?

Definitely. 🙂 Mirai and I loved the comforting vibe of the place, together with the refreshing tea and filling snack selections. We will be back!

shangri la afternoon tea price

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