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Marco Polo Buffet Price + Review [BREAKFAST BUFFET]

Do you want to know how much Marco Polo buffet price is?

In this breakfast buffet review, we’ll share details on the hotel restaurant’s updated buffet prices and also the types of meals served during our stay.

You’ll also see the restaurant menu of Cucina, which is the hotel restaurant available in Marco Polo Ortigas. And yay, in this post, you can also see buffet promos that the hotel offers to their guests!

Let’s dig in.

Marco Polo Breakfast Buffet Review

When Mirai and I went to Marco Polo for our date, we enjoyed their afternoon tea so much that we decided to have a staycation in the hotel after a few days.

Since we work from home, we had no problem booking our discounted stay in Marco Polo via Agoda — on a Friday, even!

Personally, we found their check-in process to be not up to scratch, so we were very much looking forward to trying out their breakfast buffet the next morning instead.

Check out how our dining experience was below.

Marco Polo Buffet Price

The breakfast buffet from Marco Polo costs ₱1,500+ per person, but it’s FREE if you book a discounted stay with the hotel here.

Cucina Buffet Menu – Breakfast

Upon waking up, Mirai and I did our morning routine, then came down from our room to the 24th floor where Cucina restaurant is.

marco polo cucina restaurant

We were pleasantly surprised to find out that the restaurant isn’t too crowded, so we could choose to sit by the window.

Kudos to their hospitable waitstaff who gave us an extra chair for our bags, by the way. 🙂

Here’s what Cucina Buffet had in store for Marco Polo guests during our stay.

First off is their bread station which we thoroughly loved — mainly because of their pain au chocolat. With the first bite, I was happy because it’s exactly what it needed to be: flaky on the outside and moist on the inside.

It reminded me of our stay back in Amorita Resort in Bohol, since the quality of their pastry was similar.

marco polo buffet price pastries

I was tempted to try their suman but I figured that’s better for next time. I didn’t want to eat all carbs and feel sleepy after.

filipino desserts in marco polo ortigas

Marco Polo Ortigas also offers a mini-selection of maki for your Japanese fix early in the morning.

marco polo buffet price japanese

They even had a miso soup pot available, for diners who prefer this quintessential Japanese dish, complete with tofu.

miso soup in marco polo

I’d have to say one of the highlights in this Marco Polo buffet is their noodles station, though. Mirai especially loved it and said it’s “comforting” and a joy to eat in the morning.

Of course, you can never go wrong with a hearty broth, some meat, noodles and tons of veggies, right?

cucina buffet price marco polo

Cucina also prepared a little bit of Indian food for those craving for a tasty treat for breakfast.

indian food marco polo ortigas

Here’s some of the dishes we enjoyed while dining. This photo isn’t complete because it didn’t include the second servings we had of the chocolate roll, yummy bacon, Caesar salad and beef noodles. 🙂

marco polo buffet price

Final Thoughts on Marco Polo Breakfast Buffet

And so, there you have it. We hope this post helped you decide whether or not Marco Polo buffet price is worth the cost or not.

To avail of their breakfast buffet, you can get it discounted on their buffet promos they post on social media.

Or, you can get their breakfast buffet for FREE when you book a discounted staycation with Marco Polo here.

Looking for other choices? Here’s a list of the most popular breakfast buffets in Manila.

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