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Hilton Manila Buffet Price + REVIEW [Hilton Manila PROMO]

Looking for the best Hilton Manila promos? Then this post on Hilton Manila buffet review is just what you need.

In today’s blog post, we’ll share our personal experience with the hotel’s updated buffet prices and also the different types of cuisines served during our stay.

And yes, you can also see Hilton Manila buffet promos that the hotel offers to their guests!

Let’s dive right in.

Hilton Manila Buffet Breakfast Review

For my mother’s birthday this year, we decided to check in at Hilton Manila in Pasay City for a well-deserved staycation.

It was an easy choice, since we always love our stay at Hilton properties. Plus, it’s one of the best hotels in Manila with buffet breakfast.

Because Mirai and I are both work-from-home professionals, we didn’t have any problems with booking a hotel staycation as our schedule is flexible enough. This also meant we got to save more as our booking’s on a weekday.

Hilton Manila Promo

You can get your Hilton Manila buffet breakfast for FREE when you book a discounted stay with the hotel here.

Also, if you’re looking for hotel promos, here’s how you can get it. We saved over ₱4,380 with this tip, so read more below:

When we checked the official Hilton Manila website, the total cost for our stay would be ₱16,950.

And when we checked out Agoda for Hilton Manila promos, we’re lucky because it had a discounted rate of only ₱12,570:

This is amazing to know, because this was a total of ₱4,380 ($85) saved. Sometimes, it pays to shop around for staycation promos and deals so you get to save more money for other parts of your trip, such as afternoon tea sessions or future travels.

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Hilton Buffet Breakfast Price

The breakfast buffet from Hilton Manila costs ₱1,700+ per person, but it’s FREE if you book a discounted stay with the hotel here.

Hilton Manila Menu

Upon waking up early, I did my morning routine and joined my family for breakfast at Kusina Sea Kitchen, a dynamic all-day interactive buffet outlet located on the third floor of Hilton Manila.

I love how spacious and airy the restaurant was. It didn’t feel crowded at all, so my family and I were able to relax while dining.

hilton manila buffet restaurant

If you’ve read our Marco Polo breakfast buffet review, you’d know that we both love eating comforting noodles for breakfast. What’s better is that in Kusina Hilton, you can even add shiitake mushrooms to your noodles — one of my favorite vegetables.

For some people, breakfast won’t be complete without a salad, so Hilton Manila buffet’s spread also included fresh organic greens, salad sauces and everything you’d need to personalize your own salad.

The hotel also offers different types of maki for your breakfast dining. Personally, I liked this spread better because they have a generous spread of salmon rolls. They even have gari, which are thin ginger slices that are pickled in a sweet rice vinegar mixture, so you can eat it together with your choice of sushi.

In the mood for cheese and cold cuts for breakfast? Hilton Manila buffet won’t disappoint you since you can choose from at least 5 types of cheese and 5 cold cut variants in their charcuterie spread.

The hotel has tons of food stations for their breakfast, so this makes Hilton Manila’s breakfast buffet price worth it.

For example, here’s what I had on my first dining session:

  • hot chocolate (I specifically requested soy milk, and they prepared it wonderfully)
  • comforting bowl of congee (complete with century egg — another one of my favorites)
  • hearty bowl of noodles
  • my own version of Caesar salad, bacon 🙂 broccoli, sausages and dim sum

hilton manila buffet

I was honestly full from my first dining session. But because breakfast is from 6:00am – 10:00am, and we were on a staycation, I figured why not go back for a second try?

And that’s when I saw my ultimate bias: pain au chocolat.

Ever since Mirai and I stayed at Amorita Resort in Bohol, we’ve fallen in love with this buttery, flaky and tender treat that we always look for it whenever we dine at hotel buffets.

Hilton Manila’s breakfast buffet made our dining experience complete — and suffice to say, we’ll definitely be back.

Final Thoughts on Hilton Manila Buffet Breakfast

And so, that’s it, folks. We hope this honest review helped you decide whether or not Hilton Manila buffet price is worth the cost or not. To avail of their breakfast buffet, you can get it discounted on their buffet promos they post on social media.

Or, you can get their breakfast buffet for FREE when you book a discounted staycation with Hilton Manila here.

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