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Best Place to Stay in Bohol – Amorita Resort Review [REVEALED]

best place to stay in bohol

Wondering where the best place to stay in Bohol is?

In this Amorita resort review, you’ll find out if this luxury hotel in Bohol is worth your time and money. Or if you’re better off booking other hotels in Bohol instead.

Let’s get to it!

Amorita Resort Review

Last January 2022, Mirai and I went to Boracay and stayed at Henann Palm Beach with our families to celebrate the New Year.

Packing your bags, deciding on an itinerary and riding an airplane again (even if it was domestic travel) was spectacular for us. We missed it so much!

That’s why for February 2022, we decided to travel again locally — this time, to Bohol, as a couple. 🙂 It’s also to celebrate her birthday!

After spending so much time looking online for the best hotels in Bohol, comparing pictures, rates and customer reviews, I decided to surprise her and book Amorita Resort Bohol because of 3 reasons:

  1. The rate that we got had free breakfast already. Usually, we have trouble looking for breakfast early in the morning since we need to do our morning routine first, so booking a hotel that already offers free breakfast is so helpful.
  2. It’s a luxury hotel with a beachfront view and private beach, so there’ll be fewer people.
  3. Since we both work from home, it’s important that our hotel has a trusty Internet service. We were also looking into Henann Resort Alona resort but we’ve read so many reviews saying it had unreliable wifi, so we decided to book Amorita Resort instead.

Bonus part?

It was also more affordable when we booked our Amorita stay with Agoda. We saved up to $54 (₱2,705) for a 2-night stay.

Read more below to see how you can book it for a cheaper rate, too.

Amorita Resort Rates

When we booked our stay with Agoda, our stay at Amorita Resort Bohol for 2 nights totaled to $226 (₱11,300).

amorita resort review


This was such a steal, because usually a 5-star luxury property like this goes for a much more expensive price. Imagine, private beach + private rooms + dependable wifi + free breakfast already, and for this price? Super affordable.

If you book directly with the hotel, a 2-night stay will cost you $314 (₱15,700) — it’s more expensive.

luxury resort in bohol

That’s why if you’re saving money, it’s better that you book via Agoda instead.

👉 Click here to save up to $54 (₱2,705) your Amorita resort booking!

Amorita Resort Location

Located at Alona Beach, Amorita is a luxury boutique resort on quiet end of white-sand Alona Beach in Panglao Island, Bohol.

It has 97 rooms inside its property, and the lush gardens surrounding the resort make us feel like we’re in a truly secluded area.

In addition to its breathtaking views of Bohol Sea and the famous Alona Beach, Amorita beach resort also has its own “private” beach that you can access as its guest.

To reach it, just put “Amorita Resort” on your Waze app. Or, when you see Toto e Peppino restaurant, make a left and go straight. You should see a black gate (like those on exclusive properties) and a guard will open it for you.

An attendant will carry your luggage for you, and while you’re checking in, you get to enjoy this yummy blend of lemongrass + dalandan juice.

Amorita Resort Room

We booked a Deluxe room via Agoda, so this helped us save $54 (₱2,705) in total. So cool!

👉 Click here to save up to $54 (₱2,705) your Amorita resort booking!

What’s even cooler is that Amorita upgraded us to a One Bedroom Suite upon arrival.

This is so awesome, considering that we booked via Agoda — so this means hotels also give free upgrades even if you booked via Agoda pala. 🙂

Our one bedroom suite is a luxurious 80 sqm suite with 1 king bed and 2 day beds, a spacious bathroom with bathtub, and a dining area to enjoy room service.

I love this spot since it’s a great place to chill for the night and do our evening routine.

We also have a private dining area where we can leisurely eat our meals.

best place to stay in bohol

Thank you, Amorita, for my partner’s birthday cake. She really loves it 🙂 Plus, FREE watermelon juice bottles came with the cake. So thoughtful.

Here’s what our living room looked like: complete with 2 day beds, tons of table, a TV and even a Nespresso coffee maker. (I made sure to ask them to refill the decaffeinated coffee capsules every day!)

luxury resort in bohol

I’m sure the TV’s great, but it’s too far for me, so Mirai and I watched Korean drama on our Mac instead. Lol. Even while watching, we still couldn’t believe how cheap we got our room for!

You need to open the door to see this bedroom, complete with “Happy Birthday” petals on our bed. Amorita really goes beyond the extra mile (without any additional charges!) so we were spoiled.

Finally, Amorita’s one-bedroom suite comes with a private balcony and your very own bathtub.

Sayang, we weren’t able to use it because we used their pools every day, but when we come back here, we’ll make sure to do so!

amorita resort amenities

Amorita Resort Amenities

All of the amenities listed here are already included in the room rate we booked in Agoda, so there’s NO extra charges. At all.

👉 Click here to save up to $54 (₱2,705) your Amorita resort booking!

Free Breakfast at Amorita Resort

I gotta be honest with you.

In addition to its reliable internet connection, one of the reasons I booked Amorita Resort is also because they offer croissants and pain au chocolat for breakfast. #feelingfrance

You can get your FREE breakfast at the hotel’s in-house restaurant, Saffron Restaurant.

Amorita’s breakfast menu at that time was not a breakfast buffet since there were only a few guests, but we loved it just the same.

Each plate is full of flavor, and all the toppings are generously given, so it’s really value for money.

My favorites are:

  • Oriental
    • Warm Rice Porridge or Congee with Pork Asado, Chicharon, Fried Anchovies, Peanuts, Fried Wonton, and Century Egg
  • Filipino
    • Choice of Fried Beef Tapa, Bohol Longganiza, or Bangus served with Garlic Fried Rice and Crispy Fried Egg with Atchara, Fried Anchovies and Peanuts, and Grilled Tomato

The best part?

Each breakfast plate comes with unlimited sides of any-style eggs, bacon, bread basket, cereal, fruit plate and yogurt.

Also, even though unlimited pain au chocolat wasn’t included in the unlimited bread basket, we asked them and the chef accommodated our request. We even got to take 4 pieces in our room. Just make sure to tip generously!

2 Swimming Pools with Beach View

My favorite part of booking at Amorita is that their infinity swimming pool comes with a stunning view of Bohol beach.

This means that while you’re laying down on your own sunbed, you get to bask in the glory of Bohol beach’s view while drinking your handcrafted cocktail. In private.

Compare that to staying at Henann Alona beach, where there are a LOT of people (and a LOT of vendors) so you may not have the peace and quiet you’d want to have. Yikes.

Private Beach Access

Amorita is a beachfront luxury resort, and to go to their own private beach, you just need to walk for 3-5 minutes and then stay at the private beach for the whole day.

Swim all you want, tan all you want, photoshoot all you want — no one’s stopping you. 🙂 There’s also that “exclusive” feel since you won’t be sharing the beach with the public.

Is Amorita Resort the Best Place to Stay in Bohol?

With its FREE breakfast, happy hour promos, beach view, private beach access, 2 swimming pools and amazing customer service, Amorita Resort is the best place to stay in Bohol.

Especially if you’re a couple who wants to get some “alone time” together.

And for the best bang for your buck, it’s always better to book at Agoda.

👉 Click here to save up to $54 (₱2,705) your Amorita resort booking!

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